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The Vines

LabourWe try to work our vineyards the way they were looked after in olden times, before the arrival of mechanisation and synthetic treatments. In the first place we have raised the height of the supports on which the vines are grown in order to reduce injuries to the plants and also to allow the foliage a greater surface area, encouraging more efficient photosynthesis (which results in greater production of sugar). We use practically no fertiliser, apart from a little matured manure. We use no weed-killers – the plant matter that is put back into the soil provides enough organic material. The vineyards are ploughed, a number of them using horses. We avoid as much as possible the use of heavy machines that compact the soil.

For all our vine-growing we apply the principles of biological agriculture and bio-dynamism. Not one molecule of any synthetic or systemic product (that could contaminate the plants) is used in any of our treatments. A properly healthy vine that has not been “medicated” resists disease all by itself. Our treatments, known as “contact” treatments, are made up of infusions from plants (valerian, nettles, garlic etc), clay, sulphur and copper (as little as possible).

As many treatments of the vines and soil as possible are governed by the lunar calendar. The aim is to keep plants, soil and bio-diversity thriving from one year to the next and so produce well-balanced grapes, with the greatest possible respect for the environment.

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